Project Vision

We are Latin America's first digital factory.
We partner with both Customers and Partners to generate value across the entire supply chain.

The process to find, contact, and manage manufacturing suppliers is complex and requires a significant investment of resources and time. Most suppliers don’t transact online, which means customers typically have to go through a cumbersome process whenever they need to find suppliers.

Prima is your only supplier for every project, from RFQ to delivery.


1)Re design to increase content engagement and a better understanding of the brand’s core values
2)Create an scalable storytelling and visuals for future design solutions


Starting off, one of the clear objectives was to improve the storytelling of Prima's website.
While the manufacturing market in LATAM is known for not paying attention to UI/UX design, it became evident that if we wanted Prima to onboard thousand of users within the manufacturing industry in a technological platform and position as the first "Digital Factory", we needed to provide strong visual tools to explain our value proposition.

Photo: Old Website Design


Before I even touched Figma, I met with our content team to discuss the user flow of the site, meaning how the stakeholders would interact with each page. One of the most important things discussed in this stage is navigation.

This sitemap focus on building a trustworthy brand for both customers and suppliers and creating a section to explain how Prima provides full visibility of the process  with real-time status updates.


Prima's website revamp became the first visual project of the brand and the assets have been used across multiple channels.
The day the website went live, Prima received three contact forms from potential leads, which increased the team's satisfaction.
It has increased website traffic by 88% and sourced $115,000 in RFQs in the first four months of launch.