Mobile Design

Project Overview
HOFr, Inc. is a Daily Fantasy Sports application of skill-based games where sports fans can create, share, and participate in paid-entry quiz-based contests centered on live sporting events whereby users are challenged to predict a series of statistical outcomes.
My Contributions
I have lead for the past 2 years all design projects and product direction of HOFr App (iOS & Android) from conception to release, I collaborate with product managers, engineers and design colleagues to convert ideas into delightful, engaging experiences for users.

I contribute to UI/UX design, testing/prototyping, market launch efforts for new features, design leadership and expertise in branding and visual communication.
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HOFr features (2022)
UGC (User game creator)
HOFr’s user-generated contest marketplace is a paid-entry experience, in which all available contests on HOFr are created by HOFr users.

In all HOFr contests, Participants are challenged to answer questions based upon a series of athlete-based statistical outcomes in order to win cash prizes.

Creators have the ability to choose from a library of questions.  In the contest creation process, Participants complete these questions by entering in an outcome in a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ format to complete and create their questions. All questions must have an athlete and a statistic. Watch full prototype here
Launched Sep 2022

Design & Product: Daniela Del Valle
Product: Amir Haider
Backend: Amita Mhaskar
Front End: Johnatan Botero & Diego Medina
QA: Monica Gowda
What Problem is HOFr solving?
The DFS market landscape is dominated by operators offering contests that are: 
- Optimized for hardcore fantasy sports players 81% male and aged 18-34, rather than casual sports fans. 
- Dominated by “sharks”. Multi-entry contests favor the players with the deepest pockets and most time who can create different variations of rosters, giving them a higher chance of winning against users with limited resources.  
-Limited and stale. Market leaders have not innovated in years, creating opportunity for new operators offering prop-based gameplays to serve fans who yearn for contest variety similar to what sportsbooks offer.
- Lacking transparency. Limited visibility into who is on the “other side of the trade” creates the opportunity for insider trading scandals that erode trust.
Special Projects
Contest Card Builder
To create a player illustration builder in Figma that allows content creators "select and create" custom game cards without copyright infringement or design effort.

An easy-to use, dynamic builder with +120 illustrations from different sports that allow anyone in the team to create custom game cards for product or marketing purposes, with the ability to preview all creations before saving.