One of the challenges I had as senior product designer when I joined HOFr, was that the company was in the middle of a product transition, they had recently changed their product strategy  from Free Live Prediction games, to Pay-to-Play DFS predictions in a multiple-choice format.
Case Study - HOFr
Contest Details Screen
Opportunity Statement
In the US, the fantasy sports market was valued $7.2 billion in 2019, $8.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% through 2026. Casual fans have a strong appetite for social gaming platforms. We have seen the growth in social marketplaces in the video games space, and we believe the same dynamic will happen in fantasy sports (and eventually sports betting). The success of platforms like Airbnb, Etsy, and Fiverr has proven that the marketplace model is very scalable, and we believe that model can be applied to the gaming industry.
Research Request
Discover clear user behavior insights that backup new feature-levering to onboard social/casual gambling users and casual sports fans into de HOFr App.
All daily active users were used to play Free games (revenue was obtained from ads and Substituion card purchases within the app) and the user flow to play contests was:

Homescreen -> Game card/ Play Now -> Begin Popup - > Play Contest -> Submit -> Track -> Results
Initially, the same UX was replicated for new paid games, however this didn't work well to acquire new casual sports fans users. Users who had no experience with pay-to-play games, DFS or with gambling in general, didn't had enough context (rules, prizes, contest details) to trigger a wallet deposit to play a game, plus, the informational screen access was in a separate section, limited to a button click.
After looking trough the different paths taken by users, it was clear that the informational screen should be integrated and shown as a 'primary action'.
ux research & ideation
Curious about the need for a more integrated solution for contest information, I started exploring these topics through competitive analysis and user interviews, actual and future context, gamblers social motivations and experiences, sports fans social behaviors, gambling typologies, and these were some*  insights taken to consideration:
feature idea
A contest details screen, that layers multiple information and invites new users to explore all details of a contest before playing; general info, game rules, prize information, prize breakdown, entrants and game matches, while mantaining a clear primary CTA (button) with optional secondary buttons to share and see entrants social profiles.
UI Design​
I worked on the wireframes in tandem with the task flows to create wireflows and a testable prototype of the MVP.
An early prototype was created to quickly test for gaps in the Current User Flow.
Final prototype
High fidelity prototypes of the Contest Details Screen Before and After re-design.
Before (Jan 2020)
After  (Mar 2020)